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Clerk: Terry Cane
Oak Lodge, St Peter's Road
Arnesby, Leicester LE8 5WJ

Tel: 0116 2478136

Arnesby Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has decided to embark upon the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) to give the Council more control and influence over future planning and development in the parish. Neighbourhood Plans have their origins in the 2011 Localism Act with the aim of giving communities more power over local developments.

Before a NP is adopted and incorporated into the District Council Local plan it will be subject to independent examination and a referendum which must be approved by over 50% of local residents.

The Parish Council has appointed an Advisory Committee made up of the following:

David Johnson – Councillor

Bruce Kerr – Councillor

Robert Kennett - Local Resident

Mike Ward - Local Resident

The Advisory Committee will be looking for other people to join the Committee and contribute to theme groups.

The Parish Council has also engaged a consultant Gary Kirk of Yourlocale to assist and advise on the preparation of the Plan.

A Community Questionnaire has also been circulated to all households in the village seeking views on what people like about Arnesby, existing facilities and services and what developments and improvements they would like to see in the futur

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