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Clerk: Terry Cane
Oak Lodge, St Peter's Road
Arnesby, Leicester LE8 5WJ

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Blue Heart Signs

The Parish Council, in conjunction with Leicestershire County Council and the Blue Campaign has identified three sites in the village to turn over to wildflowering verges. We hope to create beautiful flowering nature spots that will increase the biodiversity in the village. These locations are now marked with wooden blue heart signs. These verges will remain uncut until the Autumn. In the Summer Nature Spot will come and do a survey of the sites to identify what local wildflowers we already have. In the Autumn of this year we hope that some willing volunteers from the village and the school might be interested in helping prepare the sites for sowing. Come the Spring/Summer 2022 we should be able to see the results of our hard work.

Each of the sites has been set up as a Wild Places on the NatureSpot website. Each can be viewed with the URL below or simply by using the Wild Place drop down menu on the NatureSpot home page. this stage, the pages just provide an introduction and explanation of the plan ahead but they will come to life once a few wildlife records and images have been submitted, especially after the survey has been completed in the summer.

Posted: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 11:10 by Terry Cane

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